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Black Tea, Blackberry Fruit Blend

SKU BB110503

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Ingredients: Black tea, black berry leaf, and natural fruit flavoring

Product Information: With a striking contrast of components, Blackberry Fruit Tea couples leaves and tea in such a way that each compliments the other! Laced with blackberry leaves, this blend plays on the understated and mild sweetness of berries, while carrying the weight of a strong brew on the back of a substantial black tea. 

Brewing Method: Use fresh filtered water when steeping black tea blends. The black tea base used for this blend has large leaves and therefore can be steeped longer than more delicate black teas or broken leaf teas. Though tea balls and strainers are often used for tea that isn't pre-bagged, ideal methods of infusing loose leaf teas employ strainers that allow for the tea leaves to completely unfurl and release their flavor. Teapots with removable strainers for tea will allow a fuller flavor.