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Chicory Root, Roasted, Granules

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Ingredients: Granulated Chicory Roots.

Herb Description & Ecology: Chicory is an herbaceous plant of the dandelion family with bright blue flowers and a strong, deep taproot which is harvested, sanitized, and roasted.
Chicory root contains a high concentration of inulin, which is considered a prebiotic fiber. It is not actually absorbed in the stomach but supports beneficial intestinal bacteria to grow and proliferate and thereby improving bowel function and general health.

Chicory root has also been associated with a variety of other beneficial properties such as liver support, blood purifying, immunity boosting, and promoting weight loss. Chicory root is most popularly used as a coffee substitute. It has an earthy, malty-chocolate aroma and a bright acidity. It can be brewed in a tea ball or in the French press coffee maker and enjoyed with milk or dairy substitutes and/or sweeteners as desired.