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Green Tea, Matcha, Organic

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Ingredients: Powdered macha (organically sourced)

Product Information: Incredibly smooth with every sip. A True Luxury grade Japanese Matcha green tea, gives a light sweet bitter finish. Our Organic Matcha is of exceptional quality and sourced directly from the Nishio and Aichi regions of Japan.

Brewing Method: Brewing Matcha powdered tea is very different than steeping the leaves. You should have at least one special tool, a bamboo whisk called a chasen. Start with boiling water and two cups.

1) Pour boiling water in one of the cups.

2) Measure Matcha into the other cup. Use special Matcha teaspoon or half teaspoon.

3) Pour 3 oz water from the cup into the Matcha cup.

4) Whisk the Matcha with the water until foam is formed.

Matcha is a fine powder made from tea leaves. The powdered leaf doesn't dissolve in the water but is suspended in the liquid. Consequently, it is important to enjoy this drink before the tea powder settles to the bottom of the cup.