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Joan's Beeswax Candles


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Tapers come in a set of two, others are singles.

Every candle is hand crafted and tapers are hand dipped, therefore, each one will be slightly different. All beeswax used is from Saskatchewan beekeepers, supporting the local bee industry.

Candles vary in color and texture, as each fifteen pound block of beeswax is different, depending on the bee's forage. Because the beeswax is simply rendered, not refined, there are impurities in it and at times these may clog the wick. Simply cut the wick to one quarter to one half inch, relight and the candles will continue to burn.

To keep the candles from dripping burn them only until the melted wax reaches the outer wall, then put out the candle by drowning the wick, remember to straighten the wick, and allow the candle to cool a few minutes before relighting. Any unburned wall of wax may be pushed into the melted wax for a complete burn. Beeswax burns at a higher temperature than paraffin, so protect your good glassware with metal containers, especially when burning votives.