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Lockwood Sourdough Pizza Dough

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One dough ball will yield a 10-12 inch pizza (12 oz).

Defrost dough in the refrigerator. Place each ball into its own covered bowl and set on the counter.

Allow the dough to rise and come to room temperature (anywhere up to four hours of rising time is normal).

Stretch or roll out only as far as the dough will allow and place on pan or stone.

Top the pizza!

Place in a 475F oven and cook for 10-14 minutes. Times will vary by oven, so keep an eye on it at the 10-minute mark. Pull it out when it's cooked to where you are happy with the browning of the outer crust and the melt on the cheese. 

Ingredients: Organic white flour, semolina flour, water, sourdough starter, sea salt, honey, olive oil, yeast.

Product comes packaged in a deli cup with a lid which can be returned to Bulk Basket for reuse!