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Reusable Beauty Swab

SKU BB31285-1
Color: Peach

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One of our most requested products! Nearly 25.5 billion single use swabs are produced and discarded every year in the U.S., but not this swab. It lasts up to 1,000 uses as it's able to be cleaned with soap and water. It also comes in a biodegradable, corn based case so you can use it on the go! These beauty swabs are great for makeup removal!


We can't recommend this Reusable Beauty Swab enough! Perfect for fine lines or a smoky eye. Unlike traditional swabs, these do not absorb water. Don't press too hard because they aren't super squishy. 


PLA case (derived from renewable biomass, typically from fermented plant starch) 


PLA case, rod made from nylon with 50% fiberglass, buds are TPE type 30A.

End of Life 

This Reusable Beauty Swab is 100% backyard compostable once incinerated. 

The PLA case is 100% backyard compostable.