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Rose Buds & Petals

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Ingredients: Dried Rose Buds and Petals.

Herb Description & Ecology: Rose petals are antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic, so the next time you get a small cut while out in the garden, apply a fresh petal or easily created poultice and hold in place as a protective covering. To help relieve a sore throat, infuse a bit of rose petals and honey into your tea. Additionally, the vibrant colors of organic rose buds and petals make beautiful décor.
Many believe that carrying around a small satchel of rose petals (or using on your altar or as part of a ritual) one can attract love and romance. As the international symbol of romantic love, roses carry an endearing message of loyalty and passion. 

Many thousands of years after mankind uncovered the medicinal and spiritual use of these plants, scientists have acquired the tools that were needed to figure out how they worked and confirm their effectiveness. You can see an example of this in scientific articles confirming the effectiveness of elderberry improving your immune system with thousands of antioxidants and even anticarcinogenic effects.