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Vitamin C Powder, Acerola

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Ingredients: Powdered Acerola. 

Herb Description & Ecology: Acerola is a fast-growing, bushy shrub found throughout most sub-tropical regions around the world. The plant has small, pink, and white flowers that turn into bright red fruits when ripe. They are often referred to as acerola cherry and are enjoyed for their pleasant and tart taste. Our acerola powder is milled from the ripe fruits of Malpighia sp. and is a wonderful, nutritious addition to smoothies, syrups, and extracts. Acerola berry powder can even be utilized in various skin care products.

The fruit itself is sometimes made into a jelly, jam or syrup. The fruit, when picked, must be processed quickly before it starts to ferment and mold. The berries are often spray dried or freeze dried because of this. Our acerola berry powder is freeze dried.