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Witch Hazel Bark

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Ingredients: Witch Hazel Bark.

Herb Description & Ecology: Native to eastern North America, Hamamelis virginiana is a small deciduous tree with smooth, grey bark and golden-yellow, threadlike flowers that bloom in the fall. Native Americans have traditionally used witch hazel for centuries, boiling the bark as a decoction. Our organic witch hazel bark can be prepared as a tea or astringent extract and can also be used in tincturing and body care products. Witch hazel is a leather-leafed deciduous shrub native to eastern United States. The bottoms of its leaves are dull gray, but the upward facing surfaces of the leaves are shiny green.

Witch hazel is easy to recognize in the woods in autumn because as other trees are losing their leaves, witch hazel is covered with threadlike, golden-yellow flowers. Both the bark and the leaves are used in herbal medicine.